Lab Services

Ionic Technologies offers complete laboratory services to its customers and operates using advanced metallurgical laboratory equipment including video micrometers, micro-hardness and Rockwell testing services. Read More

Cryogenic Treatments

If the heat-treat process is done correctly, it is possible to obtain 95% martensitic transformation; but the typical result is 70% or less and many tools will be below 50%.  The cryogenic process completes the transformation to near 98%-99% depending on the material. Read More

Vacuum Heat Treat

Our vacuum heat-treat department operates differently than most commercial shops.  Everything we process is controlled using control thermocouples planted in real parts. We run dedicated cycles for our customers using our Turbo Quench 10 & 12 bar hardening furnaces. Read More


We offer ion nitriding, gas nitriding, ferritic nitrocarburizing, solution nitriding and s-phase nitriding.  Read More