AMS 2759/8
The S-Phase increases the hardness of the surface and case depths up to 25 microns depending on the alloy.  Typical materials are 300 series, PH series and Duplex stainless steels.  In an effort to meet the high demands for a low fatigue, wear resistant stainless steel, Ionic Technologies has developed a proprietary method called Ionic Diffusion SS.


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Process S-Phase
Micro Hardness HV .01 900-1100
Case Depth 2-25-µm
Max Working Temp. (Oxid) < 500°C
Properties Improves wear
Main Use Aerospace, Medical, Oil/Gas

Increased surface hardness to 1000 – 1200 HV 0.05 (70 – 74 HRc).  Typical materials include A286, 300 series and Duplex stainless steels.


Stainless steel components for oil & gas exploration, hip implant, valve stem, ferrules, actuator control valve for petrol chemical processing.


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